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"This place is amazing. From the moment I walked in everyone was welcoming. I normally feel very anxious going to the dentist but Leslie and Dr. Dutton made me feel at ease and comfortable."
-Samantha L.

"I absolutely love this place. Everybody is so friendly. And super accommodating. Over the phone customer service is even on point. These people are all about making the customer satisfied. Diffinitely worth every cent. Dr. D is cool and down to earth. And attractive I might add. I totally recommend these guys."
-Reagan K.

"The staff is friendly and organized.  Appointments are on time and I would highly recommend them."
-Janell D.

"We feel fortunate to have found a wonderful dentist for our teen. Dr. Dutton's positive energy is contagious and makes the braces process even fun. He is caring and professional, and so are his staff assistants as well as the office staff. We appreciate how they worked with our budget. They have the state of the art dental equipment and thoughtful details like TVs on the ceiling so patients can be entertained. I also appreciate their technology for reminders on email and on phone text, even to 1 hour before the appointment. We have been going to them for about a year and can say that the whole package really is as good as it gets."
-M. Sosa

"Huge shout out to Coppermine Dental! My daughter fell off the couch today, landed face down and broke two teeth. I'm so lucky to have a dental office so close to my home as soon as I walked in the whole office sprang into action. Dr.D and the whole staff were so gentle and super nice! They took such great care of her! Thank you Coppermine Dental!"
-Julie A.

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